Installation of charging stations: financial aid in 2021

Have you bought or are you considering buying an electric vehicle? The question of the charging system is very important. Did you know that? You can benefit from several grants for the purchase and installation of an electric charging station.

What financial support is available for the installation of charging stations?

To facilitate the installation of charging stations, the ADVENIR programme offers financial assistance for roads, businesses and condominiums.

Focus on the different beneficiaries of the aid:

Type of beneficiary
Total aid rate Ceiling excluding VAT per recharging point
Company and public entity: Private parking for fleets and employees
2021 30% 960 €
2022 20% 960 €
2023 20% 960 €
Company and public entity: Private car park open to the public 2021 60% 2,100 to €18,000
2022 20% 960 €
2023 20% 960 €
Private parking open to the public, up to 5 charging points 60%
From €2,100 to €960,000
Roads: Public parking 60% From €2,100 to €18,000
Roads: Additional surcharge on road funding for on-demand bollards Up to €2,700 up to 60% + €300
= €3,000
Roads: 2 wheels 40%
1 860 €
Residential Collective: Individual solution 50% 960 €
Residential Collective: Shared solution 50 %
1 660 €
Residential Collective: Collective infrastructure in condominiums 50 % From €8,000 per co-ownership, and up to €3,000 for outdoor road works
High power charging stations and hubs From €100,000 to €240,000
Modernisation of obsolete public charging point 80 %
From €1,200 to €7,000

The benefits of installing charging stations :

  • Preparing and encouraging more environmentally friendly mobility
  • Obtaining grants (ADVENIR assistance)
  • Improving the company's image

The number of spaces provided for electric charging stations :

Companies need to supply their car parks with a dedicated electrical circuit to enable the recharging of electric or hybrid vehicles. All these buildings, depending on their specificities, have a certain number of parking spaces to be pre-equipped and a certain reservation of connection power for the supply of the recharging infrastructures.

Obligations to provide charging stations :

In addition to the pre-equipment obligations, the French Law on Mobility (LOM) requires a minimum of charging stations for electric vehicles in part of the car parks of new buildings. 

For car parks in existing commercial buildings, the LOM law stipulates that they must be equipped with one charging point per 20 spaces. This means that approximately 5% of the spaces in these car parks must be equipped with charging points.

Institutions affected by the law :

  • Residential buildings
  • Non-residential buildings

Are you interested in this aid? Don't wait any longer, you have two choices to benefit from it. You can put together your application yourself or you can choose an installer who will take care of the administrative procedures for you.

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