Do you want to install solar panels? You are entitled to aid!

Producing one's own electricity or heating one's home with solar energy is becoming increasingly attractive. The State has therefore set up several schemes to help individuals finance their energy-saving work.

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The aid you can claim...

  • The premium for self-consumption of photovoltaic energy

You benefit from this aid when the installation of the solar panels is aimed at achieving self-consumption. The premium is spread over the first 5 years of operation and varies according to the power of the solar installation in kWp.

Power of the installationAmount of the premium
Less than or equal to 3 kWp380€/kWp
From 3 to 9 kWp280€/kWp
From 9 to 36 kWp160€/kWp
From 36 to 100 kWp80€/kWp

The payment of this premium is automatic and is made by EDF Obligation d'Achat. However, to qualify, certain criteria must be met: the installation must not exceed 100kWp; the panels must be installed on a roof, not on the ground; and the installation must be carried out by an RGE professional.

  • The Obligation to Purchase (OA) - selling surplus energy

The surplus electricity produced by your installation is fed into the grid and sold to EDF Obligation d'Achat. The feed-in tariff is fixed, you sign a 20-year contract and the price is re-evaluated every quarter.

  • The reduction of the VAT rate

Solar panels installed on the roof of your home benefit from a 10% VAT rate if: their power does not exceed 3 kWp, your home has been completed for more than 2 years and if you entrust the work to an RGE certified professional.

  • The zero-interest eco-loan

It is a real financial boost, allowing you to undertake energy renovation work. Depending on the work you carry out, you can claim a loan ranging from €7,000 (minimum) to €30,000 (for three energy renovation projects).

  • My renovation premium

Launched on1 January 2020, MaPrimeRénov' aims to help low-income households carry out energy renovation work.

The little plus: you know the amount even before you start the work, which allows you to control your budget. You receive the premium directly into your bank account at the end of the work.

Please note: the installation of photovoltaic panels alone is not eligible for MaPrimeRénov'.

NEWS 2022

  • The dwelling must be at least 15 years old (previously it was 2 years old);
  • Your home must be occupied (as your principal residence) for at least 8 months of the year;
  • You have 2 years to complete the work;
  • Energy or CEE awards.

The Energy Premiums, also known as Energy Savings Certificates (EEC), allow you to finance energy saving work. This little-known system allows you to pay off the expenses related to this work.

To benefit from it, it is simple, you just have to carry out work via an RGE recognised energy supplier. It is not subject to any income requirements and can be used to finance various types of work such as ventilation, heating, insulation, etc.

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