Battery LUNA200 5-15-SO

Intelligent energy storage system

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Your questions, our answers: 

A solar street light is divided into three parts: 

  • LED lighting module
  • Photovoltaic module located above the LED block
  • NiMH battery integrated into the lamp pole 

The photovoltaic panels capture energy from the sun and store it in the battery throughout the day. The LED block can then use this energy at night to illuminate the road. 

Bourgeois Global is proud of its partnership with Sunna Design to offer quality products to communities and businesses. Solar street lights have multiple advantages: 

  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Low energy consumption due to LED technology
  • Autonomous
  • Energy saving 
  • Anti-blackout system 
  • Remote management system 
  • Modularity (Wifi, remote monitoring, advertising)

Our products