What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy (or RE) comes from sources that nature is constantly renewing. To date, there are two main natural sources: the Sun and the Earth. In 2020, in France, 26.9% of the energy produced came from RE. Did you know that? Renewable energy in the global energy mix is one of the key axes of the energy transition.

Renewable energy is also called green or natural energy. They generate very little waste and polluting emissions, but their energy content is much lower than that of non-renewable energies.

What are the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy?

Renewable energies are energy sources that are available in unlimited quantities. They can be classified into 5 main categories:

  • solar energy (photovoltaics),
  • wind energy (wind turbine),
  • water power (hydraulics),
  • biological energy (biomass),
  • energy from the ground (geothermal energy).

In contrast, non-renewable energy refers to all energy sources that are present on Earth in limited quantities and whose stock diminishes as humans use them. This can be oil, coal, gas or nuclear energy.

Note: energy sources such as oil, coal and gas are responsible for massive greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global warming.

Renewable energies therefore have several advantages:

  • they are perfectly clean,
  • but can also be used over and over again.

Renewable energies, our future!

With lower CO2 emissions and no long-lived waste, RE can limit the impact of our activities on the environment. Although already mature, they must continue to develop to become an essential source of energy throughout the world. This is the energy transition.

Bourgeois Global, committed to the energy transition

Bourgeois Global is a French distribution brand dedicated to renewable energy. We distribute high-performance and environmentally friendly energy solutions such as: photovoltaic modules, micro-inverters, inverters, fixing systems, pergolas, solar carports, recharging stations, isolated sites, thermodynamic tanks and solar lighting.

Bourgeois Global is committed to the re-establishment of green spaces in urban environments by proposing solutions for the production of energy adapted to new social needs.

Some figures: In 2020, in France, renewable energies represented 13.1% of primary energy consumption and 19.1% of gross final energy consumption.
From 1990 to 2020, renewable energies underwent an 84% increase. This sector is very important for the French economy with more than 8.6 billion euros of investment in 2018 and more than 68,000 full time jobs.

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