Discover the new Bourgeois Global product: Esperanto!

Esperanto is a universal language, which was created to facilitate communication between people with different mother tongues. This language has been integrated into our new product: Esperanto.

But what is it?

The Esperanto is a solar powered battery that allows the user to have access to electricity wherever he is (isolated site, travel, camping, road trip...). Very light, it is easily transportable. This modular solar solution is perfect for places far from the electrical grid.

The characteristics of the Esperanto's batteries

The Esperanto is a unique modular design, available in different languages for ease of use, a high quality, robust and affordable product, a battery that runs on solar energy with ecological and environmentally friendly components and finally it is a modular product (2 modules exist: 80Wh and 160Wh).  

Focus on batteries:

  • High power output 150W 
  • 2 solar panel inputs 
  • 5 x 12V DC outputs 
  • Local voice 
  • 1 keyboard input 
  • LED display for battery level
  • 7 USB ports
  • Up to 12 hours of autonomy (simple and quick recharge)

Esperanto's little plus

You can connect many devices with a 12V socket to the Esperanto. If you have an AC device, an AC/DC inverter will allow you to take full advantage of the Esperanto.

Two solar panels can be connected to the product (2 polycrystalline modules with silver frame). Power of the solar panels: 50Wp; dimensions: 695x510x25mm; module weight: 5kg; cable: 7m. Electricity comes to you through the Esperanto.

Choose your Esperanto kit

There are several kits available to complete Esperanto:

  • Solar lighting kit (1 Esperanto 80Wh battery; 1 50Wp solar panel; 4 LED lamps; 1 table fan)
  • TV kit (1 Esperanto 160Wh battery; 1 50Wp solar panel; 1 24" TV; 4 LED lamps; 1 table fan)
  • Solar water pump kit (1 Esperanto 160Wh battery; 2 50Wp solar panels; 4 LED lights; 1 12V submersible water pump)
  • Solar fridge kit (1 Esperanto battery 160Wh; 1 extension 160Wh; 2 solar panels 50Wp; 1 fridge 100L)
  • Hair salon kit (1 Esperanto battery 80Wh; 1 solar panel 50Wp; 2 electric clippers; 4 LED lamps; 1 table fan)

The Esperanto, an innovative Bourgeois Global product, will become your best companion!

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