Understand what a photovoltaic pergola is thanks to Bourgeois Global

A pergola is a small garden construction with a roof and supported by columns. The pergola can be made of wood, aluminium or iron. It is often used on a terrace to add shade, on a car park or as a support for climbing plants.

Photovoltaic pergola Eclipse, by Bourgeois Global

What is an Eclipse photovoltaic pergola?

This is a range of pergolas offered by Bourgeois Global, 100% photovoltaic and waterproof. The Eclipse pergola ensures a high level of climatic and thermal comfort throughout the year. Adjacent to a facade or in an island, it can easily create an additional living space or a sheltered parking space.
The revolutionary Eclipse pergola has a modular roof that is 100% waterproof and produces electricity using photovoltaic modules. The roof regulates the ventilation and the light flow thanks to the motorised adjustable blades.

Which models?

Bourgeois Global offers you 6 models of Pergolas(more info on the product sheet).

Namely: you can configure it according to your wishes/needs: configurable roof (photovoltaic roof, roof with orientable blades, biovoltaic roof); declination (facade, island, assembly); colours; options (led spotlight, screen, covering under panels, piloting on smartphone)...

What are the advantages of installing a photovoltaic pergola?

The Eclipse photovoltaic pergola is: easy to install, resistant, 100% waterproof, aesthetic and efficient! But not only that...

  • The pergola has been designed to withstand the most extreme loads and weather conditions (snow, rain, wind, etc.) 
  • Water drainage is fast and invisible (it passes through the posts of the pergola) 
  • Natural light is optimised and the temperature is regulated under the pergola

Good news! The Eclipse by Bourgeois Global photovoltaic pergola has been installed at the Solipac agency in Montpellier. Zoom on this installation in pictures 📸

The Eclipse photovoltaic pergola has no more secrets for you! To find out more about the models offered by Bourgeois Global, click here:

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